“I attribute a large portion of the success of my film, Sweet Land, to the efforts, passion and commitment of O&A. The O&A team worked tirelessly to spread the word in several markets, large, small and tiny. When the work was finished and the film was headed for DVD, it actually took a couple of months to get O&A to stop working for the cause.”

—Ali Selim, writer/director of Sweet Land,
winner of the 2007 Spirit Award for Best First Feature

Callie Rucker Oettinger founded O&A in 2001 to provide full-service project management for book publishing related projects, and expanded O&A to include Web site-related and film projects.

Today, O&A is known for (although not limited to) its work within the fields of current events, international relations, military history and policy, business and parenting. O&A is also respected for its client-focused campaigns, which feature outside-the-box initiatives that achieve its clients’ goals.

Clients are routinely featured in leading publications—from Parenting magazine to The Atlantic Monthly—and on nationally recognized programs—from KGO-AM programming out of San Francisco to CNN's "Lou Dobbs Tonight" out of New York City—with many publications and programs of note in between.


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